Welcome to the Maine Rose Society (MRS) Web Site!

Dedicated to growing better roses in Maine
Affiliate of American Rose Society since 1962

Maine Rose Society (MRS) members like to grow things, especially roses. Members, from all walks of life, enjoy getting together once a month to talk about roses, answer each other’s questions, and share our passion. During summer months, we meet in member’s gardens to enjoy the color, fragrance and blooms nurtured by our host gardener.

MRS is affiliated with the Yankee District of the American Rose Society providing us with the opportunity to meet with others from New England and Quebec, and the United States like from our recent event here to show and talk about roses.



The purpose of the Maine Rose Society is to share knowledge, to help each other to grow better roses and to interest other people in growing roses. You meet the nicest people. A person just has to be basically nice to appreciate flowers. At any meeting, the person next to you might be a doctor, engineer, fisherman or housewife – people from all walks of life. They might be tall, short, overweight, underfed, or halfway between. The might be bright, very bright, average, or a bit on a zany side. All faiths are represented, including those who think poodles are people. All those people, regardless of where they’re from, have two things in common: a love of the rose and a great friendship for one another.” — William L. Homan, the first president of MRS and cofounder of MRS, 1962